Board of Directors

Viraaj Kantilal Lad - Executive Director

Viraaj is the fourth generation to the family line. He was, like most members of his family members, very involved with the business at a young age leading into his university studies. He completed his Degree in Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Financial Management & Information Systems (Double Majors). He started his career as an accounting tutor at University of the South Pacific (6 months) after which he joined an international insurance broking firm where his last role was a Manager.

In April, 2004 he officially joined his family business Bhikhabhai And Company Limited as Operations Manager (Bhikhabhai is parent company of Swits-n-Snax (Fiji) Pte Limited). To further enhance his knowledge in business management he undertook and completed Masters of Business Administration studies on a part time basis while working. In 2012 he was appointed Executive Director and Company Secretary for Bhikhabhai Group of Companies and oversees Group's sales, marketing, legal, risk management, human resources and assists Board in strategic planning.

He is married with 3 children, has a keen interest in yoga, meditation, community projects/events and enjoys time with his family. On his personal time, he has shared his journey in the family business as guest speaker to promote younger generation to join their family business or start a business of their own.

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Jayesh Lad - Executive Director

Jayesh is also the fourth generation and first cousin to Viraaj. He too grew up learning the traits of the business from ground up. He completed Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Auckland after which he worked as a Test Engineer, Electronics Engineer and late Embedded Software Developer over a span of 7 years in New Zealand. He joined the family business Bhikhabhai And Company Limited (parent company of Swits-n-Snax (Fiji) Limited) as an IT/ Production Manager in September 2006. The expertise he brings with him include engineering, project management and I.T, software programming, creative designing and research & development.

He has overseen the successful implementation of Swit-n-Snax's first point of sale system, implementation and maintenance of  I.T infrastructure (server setup). He now serves as the  Executive Director and oversees Bhikhabhai Groups information technology, project & project management, manufacturing, research and development.

Jayesh is very involved with the Ba Gujarat Education Society & volunteers as a board member & I.T Manager for A. D Patel College, Tagore Memorial Primary School & its pre-school. He is a former student of this institute and is his way of giving back to the community. He is married with two children and has keen interest in mountain biking, outdoor activities, traveling, learning new business and engineering concepts and photography.

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Pradip Mistry - Chairman and Non Executive Director

Pradip is also a third generation family member who grew up working in the family business. After completing his high school education at Lynfield College in New Zealand, he completed his Chemical Engineering studies at Auckland University of Technology and later graduated in Post Graduate Diploma in Business (Operations Management).

He has lived in New Zealand since 1983 and worked as in various roles including Production Manager, Business Manager and Account Manager. Currently he heads a Business Unit as Business Unit Manager for one of the largest, privately owned providers of raw materials in Australasia.

Pradip serves as a Chairman (appointed in 2017 as successor to Hemant Kumar Lad) and Non Executive Director of Bhikhabhai Group of Companies and offers his expertise to the Board of Directors especially in the fields of technical applications (food industry), operations managements, business development and strategic planning.

He is married with 2 children. His interests include cycling, cricket, cooking, reading and music.

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Kings Road, Yalalevu Ba, Republic of Fiji Islands